Screenshot Commissions

What is this?


The purpose of these studies is to translate realistic lighting into a much simpler style, as well as study composition from cinematic scenes.



  • After opening slots, I’ll send an invoice within 48 hours.
  • I’ll send the finished painting within 10 days after payment has been made. In the case I can’t meet this deadline I’ll send a notification in advance.
  • Once you receive the finished file and are happy with it, feel free to post it as soon as you want!



  • To keep up the intended speed there will be no updates. Corrections are available if I’ve made a mistake on the character’s design.
  • Characters must have a clear visual reference. You can specify an outfit in the Character Reference field, otherwise they’ll be given the ones in the screenshot.
  • Up to two characters per slot. Each additional character costs $10 less than base price. So $75, $125, $175 for Portrait, Half and Fullbody respectively.
  • I will pick screenshots based on how interesting I think the scene is. Environment elements will be simplified.
  • You may choose a screenshot from my selection for additional $25, or request a scene from a movie/show if it makes a good fit for what I’m looking for.
  • The final piece will feature the same format as the screenshot, so either 1:1, 16:9 or 21:9 formats.
  • All finished images will be made public. If you’d like your name to remain anonymous please let me know in the “Username” field.

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