Screenshot Commissions

What is this?


The purpose of this challenge is to translate realistic lighting into a much simpler style, as well as study lighting, composition, mood and all that good stuffs from cinematic screenshots.

The process and result is much less polished than my regular Celshading style, but also faster and cheaper.



  • Invoices will be sent within 48 hours of the request received. Once paid, the client will be put in my Queue.
  • I’ll send a rough sketch for Halfbody and Fullbody commissions. This is not for corrections but to confirm I’ve started your slot.
  •  For Portraits I’ll send the finished image.
  • Once you receive the finished file and are happy with it, feel free to post it as soon as you want!



  • There will be up to five slots per batch and all will be completed within 10 days maximum.
  • Up to three characters per slot. Each additional character costs $10 less than base price. So $65, $115, $165 for Portrait, Half and Fullbody respectively.
  • I will pick screenshots based on how well I think it’ll fit the character or how interesting the scene is. Environment elements will be simplified.
  • You may request a general mood or theme (happy, sad, sci fi, contemporary, etc) or leave it all up to me.
  • You may request a specific screenshot or pick one from my selection for additional $25.
  • You may request a specific outfit for your character in the Character Reference field. Otherwise they’ll be given the ones in the screenshot.
  • The final piece will feature the same format as the screenshot, so either 1:1, 16:9 or 21:9 formats.
  • All finished images will be made public. If you’d like your name to remain anonymous please let me know in the “Username” field.

Sounds good? Fill out the form below to get a slot!
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