Iron Artist Commissions

Bust – $95
Half– $160
Full – $215

What is this Iron Artist thing?

It’s a self imposed challenge to work fast by making full use of a variety of tools, and to learn to focus on the bigger picture rather than staying stuck on small details.

FIGURE: Paintings focused on the character. Environment elements are mostly abstract.
SCENES: Full cinematic scenes. Based on a personal selection from various movies and tv shows.
More samples can be found here!

The Process:
  • After opening slots, I’ll send an invoice within 48 hours.
  • I’ll send the finished image within 10 days after payment has been made. In the case I can’t meet this deadline I’ll send a notification in advance.
  • Once you receive the finished file and are happy with it, feel free to post it as soon as you want!
The Rules:
  • To keep up the intended speed there will be no updates. Corrections are only available if I’ve made a mistake on the character’s design that was clear on the references given.
  • Characters must have a clear visual reference. Some design elements like patterns may be simplified.
  • I’ll do characters from any fandom, any species (humanoid, anthro, animal, creature), gender, time period, genre (fantasy, sci fi, etc). Restrictions on military and religious themes may apply.
  • For Portraits: You can write a short description or give me full artistic freedom.
  • For Scenes: I’ll pick a scene depending on how well I think it’ll fit the character. If you wish you may request a specific genre (sci fi, fantasy, modern, etc.).
    You can request a specific movie or tv show but certain limitations will apply as I look for specific elements when choosing a scene.
    You can include an outfit in the Character Reference field, otherwise they’ll be given the ones in the screenshot.
  • Up to three characters per slot. Base price remains the same, so double for couples, triple for three characters.
  • All finished images will be made public. If you’d like your name to remain anonymous please let me know in the “Username” field.
Closed for now!

If you’d like to be notified as soon as I open, send me an email to with the subject “Commission Waitlist” or fill out the form bellow and I’ll email you as soon as I have slots available!