I'm a Chilean artist of things fantastique.

Soy una artista chilena de cosas "fantastique".

Regular Commissions


Portrait $250
Illustration $350


Portrait $500
Illustration $750

  • "Portrait" focuses on the character while envirnonment remains simple. These may take about one to two months to finish.
  • "lllustrations" are fully detailed scenes and take a minimum of two months to finish.
  • Additional "main" characters may add 50%-75% from base price. If a character needs to be designed from scratch there may be an additional fee. I can give a quote once all necessary details have been discussed.
  • Here's a sample of stages and updates I send during the process! Changes can be made during Thubmnail, Base and Clean Sketch stages. After those, corrections are limited to color and materials.
  • I send up to three Thumbnails. After one is approved I'll send a link to a PayPal invoice, which can be paid upfront or in halves. The remaining amount should be paid after Clean Sketch is finished.
  • If you've got a limited budget and are not sure if I'd accept your request, do send me an email anyways so we can start talking :D

Notice: New slots will be open/started in mid-late June.
Send me an email to to get in touch or fill out this form!

Feel free to be brief, you can elaborate once I've messaged you back!

2-3 SFW links

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Speed Commissions



Bust $95
Half $165
Full $215

  • These are less detailed versions of the options above, and are finished in two weeks or less after being paid. To keep up this speed there're some limitations:
  • Payment must be sent in full.
  • Up to three characters are allowed per picture. These will double or triple the base price.
  • Description has to be very short and general, a couple sentences at most. Or none at all and leave everything up to me!
  • No progress updates, revisions or corrections (unless I made a mistake that was very obvious.)
  • Characters need to have one or two clear visual references.
  • "SpeedPaint" focuses on the character only, leaving environment elements nearly abstract.
  • "SpeedCel" are mostly based on scenes from a variety of movies and tv series.

  • To order a slot send me an email to or fill out this form!

    Leave empty to give me full artistic freedom!

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    Username Type Paid Status
    OfSandAndStars Painting – Illustration Dec 31st / Partial Base Sketch - Jan 21st
    Artofanodyne Painting - Illustration Feb 11th / May 14th Clean Sketch - May 13th
    HanaBannana88 Painting - Illustration Feb 13th - 1/2 Base Sketch - April 25th
    CharryZarry Patreon Reward - April/May April 1st/May 1st Finished 1/2
    Areyath SpeedPaint May 21st In Progress
    Rocketchick May Waitlist
    Sascha Celshading May Waitlist
    Trydianth-Dunne June Waitlist


    Username Type Paid Finished
    Rocketchick Celshading - Illustration Jan 30th Finished - Feb 12th
    CharryZarry Patreon Reward Feb 1st Finished - March 28th
    Shannon Patreon Request April 1st Finished - April 10th
    Shannon Patreon Request May 1st Finished - May 2nd
    Trydianth-Dunne Celshading - Illustration Feb 12th Finished - May 15th
    Augusto Celshading - Illustration March 28th Finished - May 15th

    Terms of Service

    1. Communication, Process and Deadlines

    1. All communication will be held via email.
    2. After payment has been sent, I'll send either an email with confirmation of receipt and mark the date on my Queue.
    3. I send updates as soon as I have done significant progress from the last update.
      I try to send updates every 10 days maximum. If 10 days have passed and I have not sent updates, the client should feel free inquire.
    4. I wait for up to four days for client's feedback before proceeding to the next stage.
      I can wait more if let known in advance, preferably no more than a 10 days.
    5. Process usually goes like this:

      Initial conversation > Thumbnail > Approval + Feedback > Payment > Confirmation

      Base Sketch > Feedback > Clean Sketch > Feedback > Line Art or Base Paint > Color/Shading or Painting > Finish

      5.a.Large changes (composition, character position, etc) should be requested after Thumbnail has been sent.
      5.b.Smaller adjustments are available during the Base and Clean Sketches.
      There are up to three rounds of revisions. A couple more are available for Illustrations.
      5.c.After Line Art/Base Paint, changes are limited to colors and materials.

      A sample of stages can be seen here.

    6. "Portraits" usually have a deadline of two months maximum.
      Illustrations take a minimum of two months depending on details and my current queue.
    7. I can work with specifics deadlines given one to two months ahead of time.
      Depending on the complexity of the request I may need more time.

    2. Payment

    1. Currency is US dollars.
    2. Payment can be made through PayPal invoice or Wise if requested.
    3. If payment has not been sent within 7 days of request and I get no message back, the slot will be forfeit.
    4. Payment plans are available for any commissions above $215.
      This option is set by default in PayPal invoices.
    5. The first deposit must be a minimum of 50% of the total cost.
      The remaining 50% must be sent within a month after the Clean Sketch is finished.
    6. Three or more installments are available for commissions above $800.

    3. Canceling and Refunds

    1. The client can cancel a commission at any stage of the process.
    2. Full refunds requested by the client are available only if cancellation is requested after a Thumbnail has been agreed to.
    3. If the sketching stage has begun, I retain 50% of payment.
      After Clean Sketch is done, I'll retain 80% of payment.
    4. I do not offer refunds after Line Art or Base Paint have started.
    5. I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any stage for any reason, without explanation.
      In this case, I will issue a full refund regardless of progress made.

    4. Copyright, Files and Backups

    1. I retain full commercial rights to all the images produced by me.
    2. I reserve the right to use any image I create as I see fit.
      This includes, but not limited to, selling prints, portfolios art packs (digital or physical), posting or not to websites, etc.
    3. I will make private commissions.
      Details will need to be discussed in advance and the commission will include a privacy fee of at least additional 150% off of base cost.
      A private commission means I will not share the picture in my public profiles or private channels.
      The distribution of the picture will stay at the client's sole discretion.
      A private commission will not include my handwritten signature or website url.
    4. I can refrain from posting a commission during a certain period of time without an extra fee.
    5. I reserve the right to re-use any Thubmnail not chosen and any image from a canceled commission in any way I see fit.
    6. The client is granted a non exclusive, non commercial license for the artwork produced, this means:
      The client cannot sell, print, distribute, and put the artwork on items (physical or digital) that the client intends to sell nor use the resulting image in AI generated art related activities.
      The client can make use the commissioned image in non profit ways, included:
      -Posting to and displaying in any website the client wants, sharing on private or public online groups
      -Printing on items the client will keep to themselves.
    7. If the client wishes to acquire exclusive or commercial rights at any point in the future, I'll be open to discuss terms and fees.
    8. The client is not allowed to erase, modify, or obstruct my signature and watermark.
      If the client wishes to edit, modify or alter the image they should contact me first.
    9. If posted online, the creation of the image must be credited to me (ValentinaPaz).
      A link back to my page is not required but highly appreciated!
    10. The client will be provided at least two files: one for private use and one for public online display.
      For private use (Not to be shared or displayed publicly):
      Uncompressed JPG and PNG file, 3000 to 7000 pixels on the longest side, at 300DPI print resolution.
      This file will include my handwritten signature ("ValentinaPaz").
      For public display:
      Compressed JPG and PNG files, up to 1980 pixels on the longest side at 72DPI resolution.
      This file will include my handwritten signature and a watermark url to my website (
      If requested, I'll provide files at different dimensions as long as they're below 1980 pixels on the longest side and include a watermark.
    11. I'll email attached copies of any file below 24MB.
      Any file over 24MB will be uploaded to a cloud folder and kept up for a month.
      I will keep the original .PSD files for up to a year in which the client can request a copy of the uncompressed files.
      After a year has passed I cannot guarantee the files will exist.

    5. Content Limitations

    1. I will refrain from depicting anything that can be easily interpreted as real-life Religious, Military, Political Partisan or Nationalistic endorsement or propaganda.
    2. I don't work with graphic and/or gratuitous gory content.
    3. Adult, pornographic and fetishistic content will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Client should be open to using different payment methods other than Paypal.